Using video is clearly one of the most dominating trends in online advertising. The proliferation of digital camera/camcorder and today’s multi-function cell phones, together with social networking websites such as Facebook and YouTube, practically anyone can up & download and share videos with very little effort. The key to using online video to advertise and promote products is that people actually like to watch videos; they like to talk about it, share it and often get involved in it. It gives brands and brand managers an opportunity to tap in to that natural social tendency and get tremendous word of mouth spread of their campaigns.

Even more exciting part is that online advertising/marketing still has a huge gray area that hasn’t been fully examined and studied yet. While many earlier studies suggested that online video is highly effective for driving and changing behavior among consumers, it is yet too early to draw any conclusion on its effectiveness and efficiency. In other words, there are still new tools and tricks that haven’t been used, and personally it is quite exciting to see how and where advertisers and marketers out there would extend the idea of online advertising beyond what it is today. Clearly, the rules have not been written yet.

Having said what I had to say, I would like to share some videos that I believe are very creative and effective.

Here’s the first one~

As I’m assuming many of you already have seen this video before, this is the video clip for Samsung’s new HD camera phone that directly targeting YouTube users. They directly confront and ask YouTube users: “here’s the challenge YouTube. How did we do that?” By simply asking a question it gets your attention and interest. Did you maybe watch the video again to figure out what’s really happening? Did you maybe read some other users comments to see if anyone has figured it out? If so, they were clearly successful at what they were doing. It’s a remarkable way to engage consumers by showing a short, but interesting enough to make you curious and want to watch it again, video clip. (by the way if you haven’t seen this one before and want to know the answer, I’m sure you know where to find the answer)

Second one I would like to share is MSI’s video clip for their new laptop series, x-slim. Check it out.

So, what do you think? It’s fun enough to watch till the end, yet it’s clear enough to understand easily what the message is they are trying to get across.

Apparently, these two videos rely on two very basic feelings of human: curiosity and humor. These are two very powerful emotions as well as the most dominant purpose for most of us to watch online videos. Not only these videos are fun and interesting to watch but also cleverly convey the products’ core value. Creating a video clip that is not only Intriguing but also has the clear message, and putting it on a site that reaches over 72 millions user people in the U.S monthly, and people voluntarily share & spread it and eventually brings a positive effect on a company or a product. One 1-2 minute long video can be that powerful.

Online advertising is still developing, and video is a very big part of it. As a consumer and marketer, I am excited what will be coming next. I hope to watch more interesting and clever videos like those ones above. “Here’s the challenge Marketers and Advertisers. Surprise me!”


I ran into this amazing ad and figured I should share. Check it out.

While most condom ads often rely on either humor or sexiness, the approach that this japanese short move-like ad is taking is not only creative, but also has full of sensibility and warmth in it. No doubt this won at Cannes Lions 2009 in the Film and PR catagories.  If it’s not creative, then what is?


I often introduce myself as a marketer or an advertiser only because I studied marketing and advertising during college years and because that’s the field I want to be in. However, I’m thinking what kind of lousy marketer I am when I can’t even sell myself out there in the job market. I mean it’s obviously a very tough time to get a job now. With the economies and whatnot, it seems like there are not many companies hiring people. Yet, some people still get a job and get a career, and the new iphone still sells damn good! While I can’t ignore the environmental fact like economy, I realize I have to come up with better strategy for myself. If I want to be a real marketer, getting a job is the very first marketing project I’m on in a real world.

So, what would be the first step? I have to understand my product better(it’s me in this case 🙂 ). Either you are in an interview or writing a cover letter for a job, you can’t really say everything about yourself. I often think like “oh, if they had known who I really am and what I’m caplable of, there’s no way they wouldn’t hire me”. While I want to still believe that thought of mine is true, it’s impossible to let people know who I really am and what I am capable of in a 15-minute interview or on a 1-page resume. I have to know what to tell about my product(myself) in limited time and space. Yes, the USP, the unique selling point (or proposition). Rather than trying to tell everything about myself and what I can do, I have to wisely pass out the message of “Hey, buy me, then you will get (           )!” Of-course I have to fill that blank first.

I know myself pretty well(at least better than those strangers who are interviewing me), and I know(or I believe) I can be a good marketer and advertiser. However, we all know that the best product doesn’t guarantee success. Choosing a right target and promoting in the right place and at the time would have better chance of success. There isn’t such thing as a perfect marketing strategy that works every time in every situation, but there’s always a better marketing strategy that would work better in a certain situation. Understanding my product, having a better strategy and convincing others to buy, it’s all about marketing. Bring it on!


Oh...yes. He knows exactly what his USP is. You should see him convincing me giving him food


I’ve been waiting. I’ve been waiting for someone to look at me and figure out who I am, what kind of person I am and what kind of qualifications and skill sets I have. I didn’t tell. I didn’t show. I never truly try hard enough to let people know who I am. As we all know, if you want to put your name out there, you have to speak up. Yes, the action of communication. I had a thought in my mind, yet I didn’t have an action: the action that connects my thought with others. That’s something I have been missing out. And ironically, that’s something I am supposed to be an expert at as a marketer and advertiser.

I like New York City. I always did. The city never disappointed me. Every time I was in the city, I felt a life. Music, Flashing club lights, people and even horrible traffics and congestion were the just ones of many charming pieces that complete the city of New York. All the different people that came from different part of the world are here touring, passing, drinking, singing, working and……living. Now I am one of them.

I ask myself why I am where I am. Of-course, the answer is quite simple. I’m here because I want to. I, too, came to New York City with many hopes and dreams. I know what I’m supposed to do to achieve my dreams. That’s a thought. The real question is, “am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing to achieve my dreams?” Yes, the action. Am I taking the actions that I need to be taking? Taking actions without thinking can be dangerous. Thinking without action may be safer, but it won’t get me nowhere. It’s time for me to take actions. I don’t know what will happen, but I know for sure nothing will ever happen if I don’t do anything. I have to move now.

What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear “google”? Good? bad? A search engine? A multi-billion dollar corporation? Or maybe are you just thinking of the meaning of searching? No matter what you are thinking, I’m pretty positive that they are all right. BUT how about this? A company that I want to work for. Yes, if you are a recent college graduate who’s desperately looking for a job and career like me, you might agree on that.

So, I went to Google today!

google NYC

Here! Google NYC!

Google is located in Chelsea area in Manhattan, where you would find so many cool art galleries, ethnic restaurants, delis and clothing boutiques. About 10 minutes after I got off at 14th St. station, I was able to find google NYC(Well, not exactly google NYC, but a building that google office’s in along with other companies like Deutsch Inc, Barnes & and etc). The building was secured with one of those mini-bar gate that you would have to scan an access card to pass through along with a couple of security persons. Of-course I wasn’t able to pass that through. All I could see was this company directory up on the wall. It’s not that clear but if you look closer, you would know it’s google 🙂 (it’s the evidence that proves that I was there!!). After a few minutes of struggling in trying to take better picture from better angle, that’s what I have 😦



Anyway, after taking this blurry picture, I couldn’t find anything more interesting than this company list. Besides, this building security guy was starting to look at me suspiciously so I just walked out the building. I took out of my laptop to see the city map, and TaDa~

Google Wi-Fi copy

Yeah! free Wi-Fi in NYC! believe or not, it's not easy to find!

There were Google wi-fi networks(even for guests). Putting aside that Google might not consider me as a guest, I used it. There was a Chase ATM branch in the building so I stood up in there and enjoyed this unexpected free wi-fi for over 20 minutes(I even paid my cell-phone bill :)) (Unlike Michigan, free wi-fi is quite hard to find in Manhattan). Man~ It’s good to be connected.



Whether or not you like Google, it is a solid fact that Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world that drives our modern life. I’ve been talking about Google and Google Applications quite sometimes because I really think it’s very important to understand Google and what they are doing. Either you are an advertising practitioner or a housewife, I believe the importance of new media and social media applies equally.

Anyhow, although all I could see was the company name up on the wall and the wi-fi network list, a little trip surely was inspirational(meaning I felt strong need and desire for a job!!!). Many people (including myself) come to New York with hope. The traffic, the subway and the congestion are just extras. Late evening I’m lying on my bed and thinking why I’m here. What was the reason to come all the way to New York City? It’s been only a few weeks, but it seems like I’m already losing my focus. I feel like I’ve been slacking off on everything. I imagined myself working at Google NYC. Wouldn’t it be amazing? but really the question is, what do I have to be doing RIGHT NOW to be the person that I want to be? like a person who works at Google NYC? What am I missing here? I guess I have to find that out myself. Keep trying and trying…I CAN DO IT.


Battery Park

Sitting on a patio chair sipping a cup of coffee under the beautiful sunlight. What more do you want? 

Instead of intensive job searching that I should be doing right now :|, sitting on the park bench enjoying beautiful scenery  became my daily routine. It only took half an hour for me to decide Battery Park, a huge public park located at the southern tip of the New York City borough of Manhattan to be “my place” although Ma-nyang didn’t seem to enjoy being outside with bunch of strangers and their dogs. (Indeed, because he was so scared and confused, he was trying to hide inside of my hoodie or trying to crawl into some random bushes all time) 

I am still jobless and moneyless, but I enjoy my day with $2 coffee very much! Carpe Diem~ what would I say??


Ma-nyang sitting on a bench....scared??



Yeah! It's BIG B!


Friday, May 22nd, 2009, my last day in Michigan and also the first day in New York City.




Putting everything behind, I left my friends, MSU, East Lansing and even that big sign of BIGGBY COFFEE. Ma-nyang, my dearly cat brother, kept crying in his kennel on the bus to Detroit Airport like he understands my feeling – sadness? excitement ? or maybe something else. It was actually quite a confusing feeling. I always wanted to leave this town so badly saying I’m a city boy who is not supposed to be living in a countryside like East Lansing, yet I was feeling scared and sad leaving michigan. Believe or not, 6 years of my memories with Michigan were that strong .


While I was sitting on the bus patting Ma-nyang hoping he would stop crying, so many questions and concerns were “wandering” in my mind. What kind of job should I get or could I get? Where will I be living in NYC? Who will I be hanging out with? Why am I going to NYC? When could I come back to Michigan? How am I going to support myself? I doubted that someone would give me any answers of these questions. Yet, I knew that the questions I ask now will soon help me develop my goals and plans. Positivity, that is what I need 🙂


After I landed in Laguardia Airport and got into taxi cab, I was soon looking at the huge buildings in Manhattan. “Yes! I’m here in NYC.” Saying goodbye wasn’t easy but now it’s time to say hello just like when I first came to the states 7 years ago and just like when I entered MSU 6 years ago. I knew that all the excitements and scary feelings I was having would soon dwindle back into the daily rush of alarm clocks, but I was enjoying this new start. I was saying hello to my new future. 


“Hello, New York!”